We are proud followers of Akzo Nobel's Extra life System, this allows us to follow their recommendations to achieve the maximum life expectancy of the coating. There are many different processes for many types of substrates, with the Extra Life System we can offer a variety of options to suit the customer.


Many coatings are internal and free from pollution, high humidity and other harmful elements, therefore, many customers will want to remain cost effective based on the environment of the coating and choose a basic coating method. Coatings that will be exposed to higher levels of pollution, humidity and potential harmful elements may want to take a look at the Extra Life System to work out which is the best system for the coating but also the most cost effective. Coatings that will be in highly contaminated environments, exposed to high levels of humidity, weather, pollution and salinity will almost certainly want to look at the Extra Life System, sometimes it's not worth the risk of premature failure of the coating in order to save on cost's, usually the expensive repair bill further down the line will end up costing more to put right.


With the Extra Life System its easy to see what life expectancy, depending on the coating method and environment, can be expected. 

Choose the environment classification, then choose the substrate and powdercoating system to determine the life expectancy.


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