Powder Coating

What Is It?

Powder-coating is an electrostatically applied powder form paint that cures under heat. It is usually applied by air-fed machines that can be manually or automatically operated. In brief, the powder is attracted to the metal and will begin to bond itself to the product when the curing operation is underway, when complete, the product will be removed from an oven and begin to cool, once cool the coating is complete.


There are many different processes undertaken, some substrates such as hot-dip-galv will require de-gassing methods or primers prior to coating. Aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel etc all have different processes involved in achieving the best finish and adhesion.

Regardless of what type of metal is used, each substrate will have to be prepared first in order to achieve the best results (e.g chemically cleaned, media blasted etc). 

All products require different levels of protection due to different environments (e.g highly polluted environments, interior environments with low humidity, coastal areas with high levels of salt etc). If you would like to find out more or have any questions please get in touch today.

Using QPC 


We offer our services to public and business customers, we powder-coat one off jobs to large, high quantity jobs, we have powder-coated jobs now fitted on sites all over the UK from fire-rated windows and doors to gates and railing jobs, most of our work is from customers who have used us continuously for years. We work with all customers regardless of the job to ensure we meet their expectations.


We also have a blast booth and transport.


Due to the very wide range of options available there is no set price. 


Minimum Order Charge (none business customers)

We have a minimum order of £100 for any none-customers, this is due to the size of our ovens and booths, to remain a profitable business we must have this charge. 

Other Pricing

For all other pricing please get in touch, small one off parts will usually fall under our 'minimum order charge'.

If you are inquiring about a large job please get in touch, any pictures, drawings etc with sizes and weights will help and should be sent to qpc.coatings@gmail.com

If you are a business looking to offer repeat work please give us a call, we can discuss pricing and offer competitive rates for higher quantities of work.