Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

Our alloy wheel coating service allows you to transform the look of old, contaminated and dis-coloured wheels and offer them a new lease of life.

We invite customers to come to our workshop and see the samples we have on display, there, you will be able to see the finish and the colour's you can choose from.

Powder-coating is an electrostatically applied powder that cures under heat, it offers great protection and durability. 

The Process

We first off chemically clean the wheel to remove dirt and oil, the wheel is then media blasted to remove all old paint and bring the wheel back down to its original metal, light scratches will be removed as the blasting will take the top layer of the alloy away leaving a clean roughened surface, this will offer a very good key for the coating to adhere too. The wheel is then rubbed down with sand paper and machine sanded around the edges, we then pre-heat the wheel in our oven, this will remove any trapped air within the alloy, it will then be primed using a professional de-gassing powder primer, top-coated in the colour of your choice and finally lacquered. All 3 layers of coating will be powder, we do not use anything other than powder-coatings on your wheels.

We offer a tire removal service at additional cost's, we can also remove the wheels from your car and replace them once complete, but please note it may take 1-3 working days and your car would be left on axle stands (unless you have a spare set of wheels).


 Alloy and Steel Wheel Pricing

For prices please get in touch either via email, phone or WhatsApp.


For us to give you an accurate quote, please tell us your wheel size, how the wheels will come to us (e.g. on a car, wheels only, with or without tires on), what colour you require, if there is any damage to the wheels and also how many wheels you want powder coating.

Depending on how busy we are will effect our lead time, we will let you know what our current lead time is when enquiring. 

Please note, we may not be able to offer our services on some wheels but one of our staff will be able to let you know in advance.